LLEAF Films are backed by extensive research, trials, and collaborations with leading institutions including UNSW, WSU, and NSW DPI. In addition to external research, LLEAF has recently opened the LLEAF Solar Lab, an in house research facility.

Western Sydney University
At the National Vegetable Protected Cropping Center, distinguished Professor David Tissue and his team are conducting a 5 year research project to investigate the effect LLEAF Film has on lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, eggplant and tomatoes.

Blueberry Nutritional Optimisation Project

Conducted at The NSW Department of Primary Industries, LLEAF Film is being trialed to better understand how light spectrum affects the fruit quantity and quality in blueberries

LLEAF Solar Lab Research Facility

Our in-house solar lab allows us to conduct trials that simulate real life climates and situations, providing insights that we can pass onto growers.

Elevating Scientific Frontiers: Precision Measurement and Innovative Technology
Embark on a journey at the forefront of scientific research with LLEAF. Our pioneering work in precision plant measurement and cutting-edge films is reshaping the landscape of scientific exploration in the agricultural industry. Dive into the extraordinary intersection of technology and nature, where every project represents a leap into the future.