LLEAF has light engineering solutions that are applicable to a wide range of protected cropping structures. Films can be installed in new constructions or retrofitted to existing structures.
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Capsicum with LLEAF

LLEAF Film retro-fitted to the inside of a high tech glasshouse structure for growing capsicums.
Orchid grower retrofit installation

A shade house that has been retrofitted with LLEAF Film to improve the growth of orchids.

Backyard greenhouse retrofit

A backyard kit greenhouse that has been easily retrofitted with LLEAF Film by cutting pieces to size and sliding into frames.

Commercial greenhouse retrofit

LLEAF Film is fitted to the inside of a glasshouse by cutting the film to the same size as the glass and pushing it into the glazing pocket of the frame.

Bamboo Frame Lettuce Trial

In Indonesia farmers have installed LLEAF Film on simple bamboo frames above lettuce crops.

Steel greenhouse installation

An existing steel greenhouse structure is fitted with LLEAF Film as an alternative to PE.

Polycarbonate frame

Clear polycarbonate frames are hung above the plants suspending LLEAF film over lettuce.

LLEAF combined with grow light

LLEAF Film is used in conjunction with a grow light to diffuse and improve the spectrum.

Film installed backyard construction

LLEAF aluminium custom greenhouse frame is fitted with LLEAF 620 film for backyard use.

High tech glasshouse application

High tech glasshouse installation as a retrofit. LLEAF Film is fastened to the steel structure using tech screws.

Simple setup with LLEAF

Simple trial setup on potato seedlings to test the effect on growth rate and disease resistance. LLEAF Film is hung over existing irrigation systems.

LLEAF medium tech poly greenhouse

Retrofitted to an existing medium tech poly greenhouse. LLEAF Film is slipped in between the steel frame and polyethylene cover.

LLEAF high tech external application

LLEAF Film is fitted to the outside of the glass on high tech glasshouse.