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ABC’s Landline

Australia’s leading agriculture TV program, watch the full segment

Sophisticated glasshouses that provide controlled growing environments and protection from the weather are increasingly being used to grow vegetables.

Now, a colourful light boosting technology, which helps optimise the sunlight crops receive, could improve yields and nutritional value even further.

New Scientist

Covering crops in red plastic can boost yields up to 37 per cent

A simple, cheap technology could help to boost food production and possibly allow crops to be grown in different places in order to cut down on food miles. The yields of some crops can be substantially boosted by covering them in a material that increases the amount of red light they receive.

Future Food Systems

LLEAF’s grower-friendly crop-enhancing polycarbonate films are gaining global traction

The film is placed between the sun and the plant and can be easily installed. It can be used in greenhouses, agrivoltaics with solar panels, algae cultivation, indoor farming and many other applications.


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